'One of a Kind' Apparel

HOOD CLOTHING INC offers 'One of a Kind' garments that are custom designed and handmade by international renowned street artist Rene Gagnon using his classic imagery as inspiration. HOOD's mission is to appeal to confident consumers, with a passion for urban art, who seek to stand out from the crowd. Today's apparel industry is saturated with brands that seem to blend together with their sameness.
HOOD breaks that mold.


Rene Gagnon uses a unique layering process that blends graffiti and street art to create apparel that DEMANDS ATTENTION.


Each unique garment is designed on the spot then handmade by Rene Gagnon , making your garment a WORK OF ART.


Only the highest quality American made garments are used by Rene Gagnon and shipping is always FAST & FREE.


HOOD CLOTHING INC was founded in 2011, three years after Rene Gagnon created a series of street installations and paintings that displayed a fictitious brand he called HOOD. The imagery he created in 2008 displayed a brand that did not exist in the real world, although through the imagery it appeared it did. This inspired Gagnon to make a go in the apparel industry in 2011. Now in the year 2016, HOOD reinvents itself to stand out from the rest of the competition.


Rene Gagnon - Founder

Rene Gagnon was enthralled by the rap and graffiti movement that originated in New York City in the early 80's. Gagnon found his calling in this movement.

In almost every city graffiti and street art is present in a multitude of forms. Some artists choose the permanency of spray painted tags, throw-ups, and stenciled imagery, while others opt for the immediacy and aging characteristics of stickers and paste ups. Often times, these artists' of the street will battle with each other for visibility on the same surfaces. Over time, the multiple transformations of these surfaces reveal an abstract maze of color and composition. Gagnon views that process as an opportunity to create a garment that mimicks the ephemeral quality of street art.

Commissions Made in Fall River, MA

Rene Gagnon creates 'One of a Kind' apparel items in the historic city of Fall River, MA which was once regarded as the wealthiest city in the country due to it's textile industry. Commission your SIZE and COLOR today!

Commission Instructions


All garments are sold 'AS IS'. If a garment is damaged during shipping, THAT GARMENT, cannot be replaced. You will have the option to return for a 'LIKE' item or receive a refund.

All questions and private commisions can contact HOOD:
info [a] hoodclothinginc.com